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This has got to be one of the coolest RC flying machines you'll ever see. The hexacopter (six blades) is way more stable than a normal RC helicopter, has onboard GPS / hands-free operation, carries large payloads and is downright "Terminator" creepy! (Check out the flight video below.)


A 5-minute video that shows the rc hexacopter's potential.

     Hexacopter heavy lift (nearly 9 pounds), awesome!



Check out hexacopter's surveillance capabilities!


No doubt that these will eventually be used for military applications. That said, they might actually level the battle field quite a bit. Citizens fighting against better-funded oppressive regimes could certainly pester their enemy with this technology. (Imagine a swarm of these things descending on your location with five pounds of explosives strapped to each one of them!!) ...More than 10,000 radio / GPS controlled hexacopters could be purchased for the price of just one "conventional" attack helicopter.



Beautiful (HD) Footage in Africa


A Day at the Park

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